Wenger smile: Arsenal games are not enough, so the pumping to Spurs

lebron 11

In the A Senna encounter that rivals Tottenham in the FA Cup third round, Wenger said: "some people think A Senna's battle is not enough, so they give us a."


Mesut Ozil's goal to help Arsenal do not take the 3 points at home, Wenger on the Everton forced usually expressed dissatisfaction with the referee scale: "when we have the ball, the opponent to give us a lot of pressure, but they always prevent us from using foul. When you foul and not be the referee penalty, which is a great advantage."

"When you are in the 1-0 is in the lead, the game with 7 minutes of the match, you will feel disappointed. Ideally, we should lead to 7 points, but now only 5 points ahead, it can also make us more calm and other teams."

"Now we will focus on the Champions League trip to Naples, combat is very difficult, but came back to play with Manchester city. Now the FA Cup draw, I heard we drew the spurs. Some people think Arsenal games is not enough, so they give us a."


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